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SwiftPound FAQs

What is SwiftPound?

We are a incentive based site that pays you for following our links to a retailers website.For example if you use our link to make a purchase at Amazon we will pay you a percententage of the total sale in cashback.We have hundreds of retailers with many more being added daily.

Does it cost to Join?

No Its totally free to join.

How to make sure your Cashback comes through?

To make sure that your purchases and clicks track correctly,It is advisable that you do the following.Make sure this is the first Cashback site you have visited. Visiting more than one site may cause the system not to track your transaction. Make sure you delete your cookies on a regular basis by going into your browser tools and then clicking internet options, There you should be able to delete your cookies.

How to take out offers?

Simply click on a retailer link on our site and make a purchase or complete an offer fully by following the instructions stated in the description.

How long does it take for offers to be Confirmed?

Most offers you take out correctly will be confirmed within 45 days, Some may take a little longer. However, in rare cases it could take up to 60 days depending on the retailer.

Some offers don't state what to do?

If the cashback is in a percentage form you will gain this amount back from the total purchase price. If it is a fixed amount we will normally state what action is needed to earn your cashback.

When are Payments?

Payments are currently made on a monthly basis which are stated at the bottom of the page when you first log into your account.

How can i be Paid?

You can be paid in a variety of methods.These payment methods are updated regularly giving you more choice on how you would like to receive your cashback. When your ready to withdraw your earnings, Simply click on the withdraw link and you will be presented with a selection of options to choose from, Make your choice and fill out the required fields. You can make as many withdrawals as you wish but these will not be processed until the date stated in your account page.

I'm not from the UK can i Join?

Unfortunately if you are not from the UK you are not allowed to join as all retailers are aimed at UK members.

Why haven't my clicks confirmed?

If an offer has not been confirmed within 60 days, then there may be some sort of a problem. Each retailer gets back to us at different times so the wait for some retailers to confirm can vary.If you feel you have waited more than 60 days then please contact customer support who will be happy to help.

Are There Any Catches?

There are no catches what so ever! The site is completely 100% legal and we pay you cashback on the purchases you make. Confirmations and Payments are updated regularly.We also offer excellent customer support if you need help.

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